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Medical imaging: the most comprehensive product range
Guerbet portfolio contains 10 contrast agents for X-ray imaging and 4 for MRI. As well as a range of injection solutions and related medical disposables.

Patient diagnostics: 17 million doses given in 2007
More than 60,000 health professionals rely on our contrast agents to diagnose disease and assess treatment efficacy.

9% of turnover and 160 employees devoted to R&D
Molecular imaging holds fantastic promise for the 21st century. Our researchers continue to concentrate their efforts in 3 main fields: cardiovascular disease, oncology and inflammatory and neuro-degenerative conditions.

Involvement in more than 100 R&D partnerships
With its worldwide network of scientific partners in both the public and private sectors, Guerbet is fueling progress in imaging technologies.

Lipiodol, the pioneering contrast agent.
First discovered in 1901, Lipiodol in 1926 became the first iodized contrast agent to be used in radiology. It still serves today in diagnostic and interventional imaging.

1230 employees and 20 affiliates worldwide.
Guerbet products and services are made available in more than 70 countries through our affiliates and network of agents.

Turnover of €306m in 2007
Up 5,7% over the previous year with 25% market share in Europe and 7% in the world. Guerbet continues its growth in major markets. Our goal: become a major global player in medical imaging.

Four specialized production plants
Guerbet has acquired the facilities necessary for high-performance industrial production: 2 chemical sites for the manufacture of active substances, 2 pharmaceutical sites for the dissolution and packaging of contrast agents.

First pharmaceutical group to be ISO 9001-certified
All our sites and operations in France have been ISO 9001-certified by AFAQ. Most of our affiliates have also been certified ISO 9001 V 2000: Simafex, Guerbet in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Italy and Portugal.

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