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As a real-life family success story, the Guerbet company has been contributing for more than a century to the major pharmaceutical discoveries that fuel progress in medical imaging.

2006 An international dimension.
In 1998 Philippe Decazes is appointed Managing Director of the Guerbet Group.
After opening three new European affiliates in Spain, in Switzerland (1997) and Austria (1996), and launching Guerbet Spa in Italy (2000), Guerbet continues its international expansion by strengthening its presence in Asia. Its Japanese affiliate, which opened in 1988, is followed by others in South Korea (1998), Hong-Kong (2000) and Taiwan (1999). In 2002 Guerbet also becomes established in the USA.
As part of its growth strategy, Guerbet acquires Medex Biomedical in 2004 and in 2005 signs a distribution deal with Terumo Corp in Japan.
Its product portfolio is further supplemented by the re-acquisition in 2002 of global rights for Oxilan® in X-ray imaging and the launch in 2003 of Artirem ®for MRI (intra-articular imaging).
In 2001 Guerbet is the first pharmaceutical group to be ISO 9001 certified for all its sites and operations in France.

1990 Bolstered MRI product range and continued pan-European construction
Guerbet continues its European growth by opening affiliates in Germany (1992), the UK and Turkey (1994). At the same time it bolsters its MRI portfolio with new products: Lumirem® in MRI (1993), Xenetix® in X-ray imaging (1994) and Endorem® in MRI (1995)

1975 An international dimension
Guerbet kicks off its international expansion by opening its first affiliates (1988-The Netherlands, 1982-Belgium, 1985-Portugal, 1992-Germany). At the same time, Guerbet strengthens its production capabilities by building a second chemical plant in Lanester (Morbihan) in 1981 and acquiring Simafex (fine chemicals) in 1987.
Guerbet markets Hexabrix® in the USA (1985) and in Japan (1987) while continuing to innovate by launching Dotarem® for MRI in 1989. Another major event in this period of expansion is Guerbet's flotation on the second market of the Paris Bourse.

1964 Research and consolidation
In 1964 Michel Guerbet takes over from his father André at the top of the laboratory. 1964 is also marked by the discovery of Telebrix®.
In 1968 Guerbet moves to Aulnay-sous-Bois and in 1979 adds Hexabrix to its range of X-ray imaging products.

1927 The industrial approach
Guerbet moves to Saint-Ouen. Marcel Guerbet and his son André push hard for initiatives in research, innovation and industrial and commercial business practices. New contrast agents are used in urography and angiography, bronchography and hysterosalpingography.

1901 Birth of a pioneer
1926: Foundation of the André Guerbet and Co. laboratory means that Lipiodol® can be used for the first time in radiology.
1901: Marcel Guerbet develops an iodized oil called Lipiodol®. Its opacifying properties, discovered in 1918, will make it the world's first iodized contrast agent.

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