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BIOTRONIK has concentrated in two distinct business areas -  electrotherapy and vascular intervention - which has enabled the company to provide customers with a wide range of standardized products.

 Vascular intervention provides solutions for stenosis and occlusion of arterial vessels. Every year, around one million coronary stents are being implanted worldwide. Stents also are useful in treating stenosis in peripheral arteries. An innovative silicon-carbide coating guarantees excellent hemocompatibility for BIOTRONIK® products, and reduces the risk of restenosis in the damaged area.
 In the field of vascular intervention, we offer the following devices:

balloon catheters, and


Diagast develops, manufactures and markets reagents and automated systems for blood group determination. A wide range of product lines with the highest of quality.



Fresenius Health Care provides a complete line of dialysis services and products.

Above all, our dialysis patients deserve the best Quality-of-Life that is medically and technically possible. Therefore, please find on this page a short overview of our innovative products and therapies:


GenesisBPS is positioned at the forefront of what we can do and at the leading edge of what we will do, providing ideas, solutions, and innovation to the world.


In 1895, X-rays were discovered. This gave a chance to visualize human skeleton and observe all its deformations, but it seems to be impossible to investigate both internal and vessels of the human body, using this method.
In 1901, Marcel Guerbet developed Lipiodol®, iodinated oil, its ability to add opacity was accidentally discovered in 1918. Thus, the first organic iodinated contrast agent was made.
Marcel Guerbet foresaw that importance of contrast agents would increase with time; hence, he supported investigations of those agents carried out by his son Andre.
In 1926, Andre Guerbet found les Laboratoircs Guerbet in the suburb of Paris.
In 1977, les Laboratoires Guerbet became Guerbet S.A – Two affiliate companies were created.
Guerbet S.A. was reorganized with strong accent on the export, commercial and и investigation assets. Processing line was created in 1981. Investigations and development programs in the sector of the magnetic resonance tomography go on along with development of Sinerem®, special contrast agent, and Vistarem®, new intravascular product.
During the last period, new ways and aspects of investigations were planned for all key diseases in cardiosurgery, oncology and neurodegenerative diseases according to the requirements of modern medicine, general practitioners and diagnosticians.
Guerbet Group shows its ability to change and adapt to this which determines the company’s role as the key player for the market of the contrast agents.


Macopharma is one of the leading global players in infusion, transfusion and biotherapy systems.
Macopharma works to design innovative solutions and quality products that are effective in meeting the needs of both patients and healthcare providers.

Every day across the world, Macopharma employees are dedicated to making therapeutic practices easier, better and safer.

That is what we mean by our slogan “Designed for life.”

MBR Optical Systems

MBR Optical Systems is the world‘s first manufacturer of non-invasive blood meters, which use reflectance spectroscopy to quantitatively measure hemoglobin and bilirubin levels. With MBR meters, measurements are fast, reliable and painless.

The first non-invasive MBR-devices were developed at the beginning of 1990. In 2008/9 the handheld analysers haemospect® and bilispect® were launched.

Our task as manufacturers is not only limited to the delivery, training and branding implementation of our equipments, with our distributors. We also have developed the planning of the preventive and corrective maintenance and these tasks, programmed or of immediate execution, are done by technical service ours or of our distributors, which are validated and qualified by Presvac to achieve the biggest efficiency.
SOPHYSA products include neurosurgical shunts, such as adjustable valves, monopressure valves, reservoirs, catheters, and accessories to drain CSF from the brain ventricles to another body cavity; external CSF drainage products, including catheters and external drainage systems; intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring products, such as monitoring systems and ICP monitoring catheters; and access ports for chemotherapy. The company serves the needs of healthcare providers and patients in the areas of neurosurgery, intensive care unit, and chemotherapy

Teleflex believes in the power of distinct strengths united by a common sense of purpose. By housing the brands you rely on under one roof, we are building, nurturing and evolving the vital parts at the heart of healthcare innovation.

Xenios AG

XENIOS Platform
XENIOS AG is a medical device company with the three brands, novalung, i-cor and medos, that run on a single XENIOS platform. This platform enables next-generation therapies for lung and heart failure. No other company except XENIOS AG is offering  lung and heart therapies on one single platform.

Wego Group

Currently, the Group’s products which meet the international standard mentioned above include disposable infusion sets, disposable transfusion sets, disposable syringes, disposable plastic blood bags, disposal underpad, venous blood collection sets, disposalbe automatic vacuum blood-collection equipment, disposable sterile disposable syringe to deliver contrast agent on CT power injector, self-destructive safety syringes and single-use nasal oxygen cannula. On 5th December, 2003, the Group’s product quality inspection center received accreditation from China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories as being in compliance with national testing requirements and standards.

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