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PRESVAC S.R.L. is a company that, since its foundation in the year 1.970,
has guided the production of medical equipment following three fundamental guidelines, the quality, the technological innovation and the constant feedback with the specialists in blood banks.

This wide experience has taken us to the development of a systematically planned methodology and to an important baggage of knowledge that compose our "know-how" with our suppliers and distributors for the execution of blood banks and services of blood banks turnkey.

Our task as manufacturers is not only limited to the delivery, training and branding implementation of our equipments, with our distributors. We also have developed the planning of the preventive and corrective maintenance and these tasks, programmed or of immediate execution, are done by technical service ours or of our distributors, which are validated and qualified by Presvac to achieve the biggest efficiency.

Along fourty years we have developed a wide range of equipments for blood banks since the manufacturing of the first refrigerated centrifuge for glass bottles until the equipments made for processing of our latest technologies used to blood banks nowadays.

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