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BIOTRONIK has concentrated in two distinct business areas -  electrotherapy and vascular intervention - which has enabled the company to provide customers with a wide range of standardized products. 

Electrotherapy offers diagnostic tools and options for treating arrhythmias. The purpose of first-generation pacemakers was to save patients’ lives. However, modern implants fulfil a broad range of functions.  Improving the patients' quality of life and monitoring the heart using diagnostic features are becoming increasingly important.

 In the field of electrotherapy, we offer the following devices:

leads and catheters
external devices for processing implant data, as well as
measurement and ablation devices for electrophysiology.

Vascular Intervention
Vascular intervention provides solutions for stenosis and occlusion of arterial vessels. Every year, around one million coronary stents are being implanted worldwide. Stents also are useful in treating stenosis in peripheral arteries. An innovative silicon-carbide coating guarantees excellent hemocompatibility for BIOTRONIK® products, and reduces the risk of restenosis in the damaged area.

 In the field of vascular intervention, we offer the following devices:

balloon catheters, and

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