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Product Name: X-Ray

Ioversol Optiray®, Optiject®
Ioversol Optiray® is a non-ionic, low osmolality iodinated contrast agent distributed by Guerbet under license from Mallinckrodt in France, Belgium and Switzerland. It is also available as a pre-filled syringe for manual or automatic injection (brand name Optiject®). It is indicated for CT scanning and conventional radiology.

Xenetix® Iobitridol
Xenetix® has been Guerbet's topselling product since it was first launched in 1994. Xenetix® is a non-ionic, low osmolality iodinated contrast agent indicated for whole-body imaging in adults and children. It is also indicated for conventional intravascular and cardiac imaging. Its efficacy was recently confirmed in more than 110,000 patients evaluated in the course of 2 German surveys (Petersein J., Eur. Radiol. 2003; 13: 2006-2011; Vogl T.J. RSNA 2005, p 472).The product is supplied as vials or polypropylen bags, an innovative packaging (Xenetix® in ScanBag®).

Hexabrix® Ioxaglate
Hexabrix® is an ionic, low osmolality iodinated contrast agent whose unique anticoagulant and anti-platelet properties make it particularly suitable for interventional cardiology (AL DIERI et al. 2003, HEPTINSTALL et al. 1998). The benefits it brings during interventional surgical procedures were confirmed by a study conducted in 2005 in more than 500 patients (Le Feuvre C. et al – Cathet Cardiovasc Interv 2006). Hexabrix® has a broad range of indications in adults and children.

Oxilan® Ioxilan
Oxilan® is a non-ionic, low osmolality iodinated contrast agent - registered in the USA, Turkey and Japan (under the brand name Imagenil®) - for intra-arterial and intravenous indications in conventional radiology and CT scanning. Its low viscosity makes it particularly suitable for cardiac procedures.

TelebriX® Ioxitalamate
This ionic, high osmolality iodinated contrast agent is available over a broad range of concentrations with vascular and non-vascular indications for Telebrix Gastro® (gastrointestinal examinations) and Telebrix hystero® (hysterography).

LipiodoL® Iodinated ethyl esters of fatty acids obtained from poppyseed oil
Lipiodol Ultra-Fluid® is a derivative of Lipiodol® which was discovered in 1901 by Prof. Marcel Guerbet and in 1926 became the first iodinated contrast agent for radiology. It is mainly indicated for the X-ray examination of lymph vessels but is also used in the most up to date techniques for vascular embolization in combination with surgical glues.

Micropaque® Barium sulfate-based
Micropaque® products are used for imaging the digestive tract.

Bleu Patenté V®
Bleu Patenté V® is used for lymphatic mapping and is particularly useful for locating the sentinel lymph node in oncological surgery.

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