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Know-how and markets

By developing and manufacturing valves, SOPHYSA has developed first a special know-how in micro-mechanisms acquired from the horological industry in the Besançon area, which is the French capital for micro-mechanisms and horological components.
Every valve is indeed made manually and controlled individually, as delicate as a luxury watch or a piece of jewelry.

In addition, the development of the Pressio® system was the occasion for SOPHYSA to develop an additional know-how in micro-electronics.

Through the years, thanks to its employee dedication to offer the highest standard products to patients, SOPHYSA has strengthened its core competency, which is the management of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid. Indeed, SOPHYSA offers innovative solutions for the measurement of Intra-Cranial Pressure, and for the drainage of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, either internally or externally.

This core competency allows SOPHYSA to offer a platform of products for two major medical specialties, Neurosurgery and Neurotrauma.

In Neurosurgery, SOPHYSA offers products aimed at regulating CSF Pressure in the brain. These products are:

  •     neurosurgical implants for the treatment of hydrocephalus: fixed and adjustable pressure valves, reservoirs,
  • catheters and accessories designed to drain CSF from the brain ventricles to another body cavity.
        external drainage systems: catheters and collection bags to drain CSF from the ventricles or sub-arachnoid spaces and collect it externally.

In Neurotrauma, SOPHYSA offers a solution for the continuous intracranial pressure measurement required on patients with severe head injury. This solution is an ICP monitoring system: a micro-monitor and a range of catheters for measurement of intracranial pressure and temperature.

Besides this platform of products, SOPHYSA also took advantage of some specific technical know-hows, such as polysulfone injection used for the manufacturing of the valve body to develop Soph-A-Port, the range of access ports by Sophysa for chemotherapy and pain treatment.

This range of products addresses needs not only in Neurosurgery, but also in Chemotherapy in a larger point of view.

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